Our Philosophy

While there are often many solutions to difficult problems, there are few sufficient solutions. A key reason for this is that some problems are deceptively difficult to solve, when approached incorrectly.

A prime strategy to combat this is to avoid thinking of solving the problem and instead focus only on understanding why the problem exists in the first place. This way of thinking fosters non-linear solutions, or “thinking outside the box.”

A Little Bit About Kobaiasoft

Kobaiasoft consists of several bright and innovative people with varying backgrounds. This diversity creates excellent opportunities for the fusion of ideas and creative software and business solutions.

Currently, we are focusing on the development of database-driven general resource management tools for a variety of target industries. We also are very interested in developing industry-specific interactive computer-based training tools that would be beneficial in the education, testing and certification of safety-critical workforce members. These projects are still in the initial stages and we are busy with many other activities in addition to the ones discussed here, although one of our major goals is to change this!

At Kobaiasoft, we are constantly looking to challenge ourselves with new projects and ways of thinking about problem solving.